How It Works

Just like our mother nature, your aquarium needs all the necessary elements to survive.


The filters that we provide are from the best brands like ADA, SunSun, Boyu, etc. These filters are designed to help thrive the beneficial bacteria on your tank and at the same time keep your water clear.


Photosynthesis don't just happen with any light. There are certain perimeters required. The lights we provide have the necessary factors such as accurate pars, lumens, and watts / gallon.

Substracts / Fertilizers

These fertilizers are specially made in lab with research and development to meet the needs of proper root system for your plants. It contains iron minerals that is required.

Decoratives (Rocks and woods)

Most of our decoratives, Woods and Rocks are imported from countries like Japan, Indonesia, etc. It is important to use the right stones and rocks on a planted tank because certain rocks contains minerals which ruin the water perimeter. Scientists and enthusiasts spend time to select the rocks which are free from calcium and other harmful chemicals but at the same time keeping your aquarium natural and good looking.

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